Moen 2.0

I have been promising this post to myself and a few others for a while now, but have been waiting to have everything I wanted to share gathered up here.

About a month ago my wife and I decided to make a lifestyle change. Since we met in the summer of 2010 we have taken the approach to mealtime that many have/do “Eat what’s easy/quick” or “eat what you want to.” This approach to eating (and living) has led to both of us gaining more weight than we are comfortable carrying so we decided to make a change.

It started with some casual evening walks and researching how to eat healthier. We both knew what we needed to do but we always run into the same problems when trying to eat healthy. Half of the healthy meals we find in cookbooks don’t taste that good! So we came up with a game plan. We invested in a couple tools that we felt were essential to reclaiming ourselves.

1. A chest freezer (deep freeze as they call it down here)


_DSC0963 copy
By investing in a small chest freezer we can buy the healthy foods we want in bulk and not have the excuse of not having anything on hand. This will also allow us to make batches of “freezer friendly” healthy meals and keep them on hand for when we do want a quick easy meal.

We keep on hand frozen fruit, boneless skinless chicken breasts, fish fillets, an assortment of frozen vegetables from our local produce market, wild game, and if you look close enough some treats such as a gallon of ice cream and some stuffed mushroom caps. (Most of it is healthy stuff though!)

2. Kitchen scale

_DSC0965 copy
Part of eating healthy is watching portion sizes, and what is easier for measuring portions than a kitchen scale? Taking the guesswork out of portioning out meals and allowing you to track more closely your intake.

3. Storage containers

_DSC0888 copy
While this may not seem like something necessary, it can help when using your scale to portion out meals. Having a decent amount of quality storage containers can make lunches a snap! We make enough of a given recipe every weekend to have 10 servings (5 days of lunches for both of us). By portioning them out on the weekend when we have time, there is no excuse to not take a healthy lunch with you to work.
We also do this with our dinners. We typically have 4-5 stacks of containers in our fridge on Sunday nights so that we have our food for the week prepared and we simply have to grab and heat 2 containers.

So now that we have the tools, we looked around and found a recipe book (and a couple websites) to provide us with meals that are both simple and delicious! I can honestly say that I feel that I have eaten like a king this last month. I do miss the fast food from time to time, but to put it simply I just feel better.

_DSC0879 copy

_DSC0885 copy
Chicken, quinoa, and veggies make a pretty delicious lunch (pictured in the containers above)

_DSC0953 copy
Grilled talapia fillets on cedar planks.
_DSC0955 copy
Some green beans in olive oil.
_DSC0961 copy
Put it on a bed of brown rice and you have a delightful dinner.

_DSC0966 copy

_DSC0984 copy
Jerk pork (9+ hours in the slow cooker)
_DSC0991 copy
Mango salsa
_DSC0992 copy
On a bed of brown rice again, but boy is that stuff good!
Broiled butternut squash on the side.

A number of the recipes we have found for ourselves take about an hour to prepare and give you quick meals to eat all week long! It takes a little thinking ahead and making a list during the week for the following weeks meals, but the food has been phenomenal and not too horrible for us!

Following the change in diet, we have both tried to increase our physical activity to be beyond a casual evening walk and have started making use of our apartments gym to get some serious cardio in regardless of the weather. So far the results have been favorable for us both.

Expect to see more posts about our meals and feel free to contact me for recipes (I may post a few favorites as well).

If you tell yourself you’re on a diet, you will fail. Only if you make it a lifestyle change will you truly succeed.

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