Bananas Foster

For Christmas this year my wife was given the cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier and we have been loving every minute of it!

We decided a few weeks back to try our hands at bananas foster but have been very busy. Today we made it happen.

Melt some butter


Add brown sugar and let it simmer
Add brown sugar and let it simmer
Add nanners (pre-sliced)
Add nanners (pre-sliced)
Stir them babies in
Stir them babies in


So now the fun/exciting/dangerous part. Add in some of your spiced rum of choice and light the whole pan on fire!
Keep in mind that by adding alcohol to an already screaming hot pan you are atomizing that alcohol, so please do this with caution!

Flame on!
Flame on!

Fun fact: Cinnamon will make sparks if you add it to a flaming dish from high up.

Don't burn down the house!
That’s pretty neat!

Let the flames burn until they go out on their own, this turns the entire dish into a non-alcoholic dish that is kid friendly and fun to watch being made!
Serve hot over ice cream (homemade if possible, otherwise your favorite brand of vanilla bean)

If you're not hungry, you must have just eaten a large meal
If you’re not hungry, you must have just eaten a large meal


Not horribly hard to make, this recipe serves way more than just the two of us! This recipe takes roughly 10 minutes to make and is a fantastic way to impress guests with your “mad skills.”

Find this recipe and more in the cookbook available at your local bookstore or Here

Stay tuned for more.

Tin Roof

I was invited this past weekend to an event at a local brewery that I simply could not pass up.

The Main Event
The Main Event

A chance to sample some local home brews, support the food bank, and spend some quality time outside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Each team was given a local Louisiana ingredient and had to incorporate it into their brew. There were some serious contenders.

Among the brews were some that I would never have dreamed up

  • Blackberry stout
  • Peach
  • Kumquat
  • Molasses
  • Sweet potato pie
  • Rice (Sake bomb heffe)
  • Coffee (Four different coffee roasts infused into a blonde ale, spectacular!)
  • Oyster Stout (not my favorite)
  • Maple¬†glazed bacon
  • Honey cayenne
  • Wrath of Pecan (fitting name considering the recent circumstances)
  • Rumple Figskin milk stout (rum fig)
  • Strawberry Hibiscus saison
  • Torsion de la canne

A few of them stood out above the rest. I was torn for my number one favorite pick between the sweet potato pie, and the coffee blonde (I had the sumatran). The strawberry hibiscus tasted very similar to Stones Hibiscusicity. A few of the others tasted exactly how they sound, and were pleasant (oyster excluded, they definitely drew the short straw). The surprise to me was the maple bacon, which tasted like someone had poured a five gallon pail of liquid smoke into it, and was surprisingly undrinkable.

Decent turnout!
Decent turnout!

Combine 14 local home brews, good company, and a beautiful 70 degree sunny Saturday in February and what do you get?


A guy could get used to this life.


Be sure to check out Tin Roof Beer to see some of the cool local events they host! (Trivia Thursdays anyone?)